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Accelerate Your Data Journey

The boutique analytics consultancy that leverages disorganised data into real business value

Why Tasman?


Our mission is to build world-class capabilities that make us redundant, so you can focus on growing your business sustainably. If we’ve done our job well, then you won’t need us around for long.


Our team has solved a range of data challenges across industries and growth stages, so we’ll find the quickest path from to where you want to be. We’ve seen the movie already, and we know how it ends.

Return on Your Investment

Building a data capability is an investment that helps you make faster, smarter decisions. We’ll give you the best return on money, building the function that improves every other function.

Business Value

Our core focus on business value means we only build what will lead to measurable impact in the outcomes that you care about. No chasing shiny objects.


Our sprint-based working style means that you can flex up or down depending on your team’s needs and desires. You’re always in control of what happens next.


We won’t just work to deliver what your team needs, but we’ll coach you on how to build a great team with a data-driven culture. The skills and mindset will outlast our engagement so you can keep growing without us.

How We Work

We build everything you need to make data-assisted decisions at scale. The results?


We’ll teach you exactly what you need and how to build a high-performing data team. In the meantime, we’ll set up the right foundations for your process, culture, and ways of working so your new team will begin with a head start.


We’ll build a modern data stack to give your company a single source of truth, tailored to your needs and based on industry best practices. We deploy state-of-the-art technology for a scalable data architecture that fits your business and context.


We’ll help you define and interpret the metrics that matter so you can have a strategic view of your business. Once we know what works, we’ll create reliable reporting dashboards and self-service tools so you can prioritise, decide, and act faster with confidence.

Some Of Our Clients

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