We make data-assisted decision-making readily available to teams at ambitious companies.

Meet Tasman

We act as an interim Data Team which scales your data capabilities, no matter how early you are in your journey.

We combine deep expertise and a range of tools to provide end-to-end support, from strategy through to execution. We develop your data strategy, and then deliver data infrastructure, data insight, and a well-trained data team.

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with high-growth companies in a range of industries. We’ve helped Lifecake to build a product for sharing childhood memories with family, Kaia Health to combine physical, psychological and educational expertise to tackle chronic diseases, and Asana Rebel in supporting those who want to get fit and start a healthy lifestyle. We also helped Ecosia understand their search business better, made sure that Bleach London has a growth engine, and incorporated On Deck's no-code platform into a modern data stack.

What we do

Tasman builds everything you need to make data-assisted decisions at scale. The result?

Visibility of existing operations

A comprehensive and scalable event-driven data pipeline connects every data generating system and customer touchpoint to a single source of truth across mobile, web and server-side platforms.

A data-driven culture

A suite of fully interactive, self-serve dashboards covering each business function and activity underpin data-assisted decision making within and across teams.

Fully leveraged data resource

The data team operate as an internal service provider, maintaining pre-built models and delivering deep, actionable insight specific to the business.

Growth opportunities identified

Customer behaviour is quantified and understood at a level that makes it possible to use predictive insight to model and improve customer happiness and identify new opportunities for growth.

Data-driven personalisation

Real-time cohort-based data informs product design and the personalisation of customer experience.

Some of our Clients

How we work

We work in sprints to deliver value to clients quickly and stay aligned to evolving business requirements. We work from strategy to execution across five phases of data maturity.


We quickly get up to speed on your ambitions and challenges, and develop a scalable data strategy.


We build data infrastructure from scratch, putting in place the tooling, pipelines and processes required for event-driven reporting.


We build customised attribution models, self-service dashboards, and data visualisations. We segment customers, surface trends and run A/B experiments.


We hire, onboard and train data science teams that can build on Tasman infrastructure and insight.


We work with the in-house team to run bespoke analysis and build advanced experimentation capability. We make sure knowledge, know-how, and ownership is transferred to the in-house team so they can take full ownership of the data platform as quickly as possible.

What we believe

At Tasman, we believe that:

Today’s companies, however small, have an unparalleled opportunity to harness data to drive impact.

Data-science unicorns don’t exist, but when properly equipped, data teams can become a force enabler for the wider business and enable rapid scale.

Understanding the business is critical to delivering value with data. That is why we focus heavily on Business Analysis, and build out data models using domain-driven design.

Access to well-defined, self-serve reporting dashboards enables a data-driven culture within and across teams.

Data-driven insight is so critical to business outcomes that companies should invest in reducing dependence on third party providers, and own their own data infrastructure.

A single, event-driven data architecture provides the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.