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About Us

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs guide everything that we do, from our priorities to our principles.

The best companies leverage data as a superpower — and any company can do it, too.
Building technical infrastructure that is disconnected from business value is doomed to fail.
The best foundation for data is a centralised, domain-modelled architecture.
Data is most effectively deployed through self-service access to a single source of truth

Our Mantra

Business value first. We put business value at the beginning and end of every conversation and discussion we have. Data is only as valuable as the people who know how to use it.

Our Values

Transparency & collaboration. Our team is completely embedded with your stakeholders. We share our roadmaps and check-in multiple times each week so you always have a finger on the pulse.

Our Process

Agile sprints with continuous feedback. We believe in partnership and flexibility. We work in Agile sprints so you’re constantly seeing tangible progress. Quick turnaround times mean you can control, tweak, and pivot our scope as fast as your context evolves.

Our Team

We are a tight-knit team of passionate data professionals — driven by client impact, not just outputs and deliverables. We are Tasman.

Thomas In't Veld


Christophe Bogaert

Head of Engineering

Rob Hick

Head of Data Strategy

Caro Boeri

Head of Growth Science

Jamie Matlock

Data Scientist

Erik Melin

Analytics Engineer

Abbey Bowen

Analytics Engineer

Jovan Saković

Data Engineer

Tom Shelley

Analytics Engineer

Anna Selway

Analytics Engineer

Kitti Megyeri

Analytics Engineer

Will Haworth

Data Analyst

Nastya Tretyak

Data Engineer

Geeta Chohan

Analytics Engineer

Andy Dunn

Analytics Engineer

Barney Cooper

Data Analyst

Tommy Bassett

Data Analyst