Tasman is hiring a Client Delivery Manager

24th March 2021

By Tasman

Tasman is defining the future of Data Science As A Service. We are a young, fast-growing company funded fully by analytics & data science work for our ambitious clients. As we take on an increasing client load, we are committed to continue serving each client to a consistently high level of quality and value.

We are hiring a Client Delivery Manager to join our team to help us:

  • Work efficiently and reliably as a team to ensure that we deliver new and improved data capabilities to our clients in line with their business priorities
  • Develop a common understanding across the team of the vision, value, and objectives for each engagement, and how those relate to our specific delivery commitments
  • Coordinate requirements gathering, specification, prioritisation, and handover activities between client teams and Tasman team members
  • Ensure a consistent level of quality in the specification of user stories
  • Track and report delivery commitments and progress against plan on an ongoing basis
  • Proactively identify and communicate engagement risks as they arise

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new hire is an opportunity for us to bring in a different perspective, and we are always eager to further diversify our company. Tasman has an open, flat and teamwork-centered culture and is committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best and most rewarding work of your career. We are also prepared to invest in the career development of prospective hires who show strong aptitude and enthusiasm for the role, but whose prior work experience may differ from the role description.


Tasman was founded in 2017 with a mission to help companies improve their decision-making with access to better, more meaningful, and more reliable data. Both our client base and our team are rapidly growing. We work with our clients to consolidate their various data sources onto a common platform designed to meet their specific needs for answers and insights. We provide end-to-end support for strategy, technical implementation, data science & data analysis, and also help our clients hire and onboard an internal data team.

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with over 30 fast-growing companies in a range of industries. Some examples of the work we did: we’ve helped Lifecake to build a product for sharing childhood memories with family; Kaia Health to combine physical, psychological and educational expertise to tackle chronic diseases; and Asana Rebel in supporting those who want to get fit and start a healthy lifestyle. Other clients include Bleach London, The Business of Fashion, The Collective, Flash Pack, Marco Polo Learning, Gousto, RIXO, ResQ Club, Readdle, Pollen, Ecosia, and Curio.


In a typical client engagement, Tasman teams work with client stakeholders through iterative sprints defining and building new and improved data capabilities. Over the course of an engagement, often lasting multiple months, we deliver a sophisticated data platform as we accelerate clients towards data maturity. Through that time, we collaborate heavily with the tech & business teams within the client organisation, and different members of the Tasman team will be involved in sprints as the needs of the client dictate the type of work. This means that teamwork is a crucial part of the job.

As the Client Delivery Manager, you’ll be responsible for the smooth delivery of work throughout the engagement. You’ll work both with the client-facing teams to help shape and define the backlog of work to be done, and with the delivery teams to ensure we excel in the execution. You’ll get to know the client and the delivery team and be able to quickly identify problems and work to find solutions that keep us on track.

The role combines elements of client relationship (engagement) management and agile project (delivery) management. You’ll need to have excellent communication and listening skills. There are many different people involved in good delivery so your ability to organise both yourself and the whole team will be critical. You’ll need to be adept at prioritisation and time-management to ensure that the team is able to deliver the right things at the right time.

Tasman is a remote-first company so the clients and the Tasman team are distributed across Europe. Currently the Tasman team is located in three countries (UK, Netherlands, and Sweden) with the main hub in London. We blend working-from-home seamlessly with office-based so much of your time will be spent on video calls, in Slack, and sometimes (up to 25% of your time) in person. Depending on your experience and your location, we might ask you to spend a significant portion of your onboarding period in the London hub (current restrictions allowing).

We typically work with startup and scaleup businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset whose ambition is infectious. You’ll play a key part in developing relationships with the client to ensure we focus on delivering business value exactly where they need it. Over time, and working with many clients, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of different businesses giving you a unique insight into the opportunity that data offers to grow businesses.

Engagement Management

You’ll be responsible for ensuring that our day-to-day work for clients is aligned with their priorities, and that our sprint deliverables are understood and agreed with client stakeholders. To do that effectively, you’ll need to have an excellent grasp of the business need behind each deliverable so that you can be part of honing and tweaking the deliverable to ensure it meets those needs.

It’s important that you understand basic business processes, business decision-making, and how data supports both of those. Through this understanding, you’ll be able to facilitate conversations between client stakeholders and the Tasman team regarding specific requirements, ensuring the results of such conversations are accurately recorded and communicated.

You’ll also be responsible for getting client feedback, both good and bad, and proactively escalating any issues that arise.

Delivery Management

Tasman organises delivery work into 3-week sprints in an Agile, iterative delivery process. We use a kanban-style workflow where user stories are carefully specified up-front, estimates of complexity and delivery velocity assigned, and then placed into a delivery backlog. Before every sprint, these refined stories are then selected in collaboration with the client according to business needs.

We monitor progress of stories and delivery through our internal tools (currently Monday.com + GitHub + Notion). You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the delivery state of each story is kept up to date to ensure good visibility by the Team and the Client. Where stories are in danger of slipping, you’ll take proactive steps to rectify the problems with the delivery team. Where that’s not possible, you’ll communicate quickly to the Tasman management team.

Critical to smooth delivery is the story specification process. You’ll therefore need to ensure that all steps are completed in advance of sprint planning, requiring coordination of different members of the Tasman team and the client stakeholders.


  • Take ownership of day-to-day communication and coordination of delivery activities for multiple clients at a time, across the engagement lifecycle
  • Coordinate day-to-day stakeholder communication, understand client concerns and objectives, and ensure the delivery team understands the clients’ priorities and delivery goals
  • Ensure consistent quality of the user story specification process
  • Coordinate all sprint review, sprint planning, and sprint standups meetings with the Tasman team and the client stakeholders.
  • Ensure project trackers are kept current and communicated appropriately
  • Ensure client concerns are proactively identified, recorded, and communicated to appropriate Tasman stakeholders


  • Able to exercise initiative and leadership in a flat, consensus-driven, remote-working culture
  • Able to manage multi-discipline delivery teams
  • Able to effectively balance concurrent competing priorities
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt effectively to evolving role requirements
  • Able to develop a rapport with a wide variety of people from different corporate cultures and different national cultures
  • Eager to help entrepreneurial decision-makers get the data they need to make better-informed decisions, and better understand the challenges they are working to overcome
  • Eager to support our collective effort to consistently delight our clients


  • A competitive package with share options (45-55k)
  • 25 days holidays (on top of public holidays)
  • A latest generation MacBook Pro
  • A flexible work environment offering good work-life balance and spanning remote, home, co-working, and office
  • A budget for home office
  • Training budget
  • Fitness, wellness and refreshments allowances.


Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. Write a cover letter in which you address some of the work we do and tell us about your role in Tasman’s future (and Tasman’s role in yours) Keep it short and get across to us what matters to you. Clear communication is crucial in the work we do, and you should think of this as our first impression of you.

We will process applications on an ongoing basis which means there is no deadline. However, we will make an offer as soon as we find the right person for the role so don’t wait too long before applying! At this stage, regrettably, we are also not able to offer internships or visa sponsorships.

Expect us to take one or two weeks to review the application. We’ll let you know whether you’ve advanced to the next stage of the application process, which will be a phone screen. If that goes well, we’ll proceed to in-depth interviews with the founders, and a skills assessment.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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