Webinar: Data Centralisation

18th April 2020

Here are just a few things we will go through, illustrating how centralised data impacts your business:

  • Why you need consistency in how you define business logic in your organisation
  • The value of convenience for employees to have freedom from the hassle of data chaos — having one single source of “truth”
  • The flexibility and agility you obtain to make changes as fast as your business needs to move
  • How you obtain tools to help you centralise your data in a lean and non-disruptive way
  • Leveraging modern data platforms like Looker to deliver self-service insights to your organisation.

Furthermore, we will share our experiences with setting up analytics for a number of very successful small companies operating in two different spaces: Kaia Health (combining physical, psychological and educational expertise to tackle chronic diseases), and Lifecake (building a product for sharing childhood memories with family).